New pictures I 2017-02
This year‘s print version of the Dortmunder Volksbank‘s Annual Report is complemented by additional digital content that lets you dive into exciting virtual worlds via the web: eleven 360 degree panoramas, videos and extra information on the Dortmunder Volksbank, the PhoenixSee Dortmund, the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences, the Center Of International Light Art Unna, the Rohrmeisterei Schwerte and the Erinpark Castrop-Rauxel await. To explore, simply go to and enjoy. Or go one step further: immerse yourself completely with some VR glasses and smartphone.



New pictures I 2017-01
Futuristic high-tech systems. With production tolerances in μ-range. And annual sales of nearly 70,000 tons. This is HUGO VOGELSANG – a company of the BILSTEIN GROUP. In this tension field of thousands of tons of steel and absolute precision, we were able to photograph dozens of motifs recently in huge production halls, which seem like „outer space“. And, „back on earth“, here is a small selection:



New pictures I 2016-03
The brief: shoot extraordinary photographs of 5 cities, to be published in the new annual report. The client: German banking house Dortmunder Volksbank. Our idea: make the impressively bright shining veins of this cities visible. Shot during late twilight from a height of approximately 2,300 ft.



New pictures I 2016-02
BILSTEIN HEROES and heavenly points of view! This time, we focused entirely on the employees in combination with the manufacturing processes at one of the world‘s largest supplier of cold-rolled products. A 40 ft camera crane and a specifically developed remote camera head granted us a comprehensive insight into the company.



New pictures I 2016-01
Commissioned by BILSTEIN GROUP, one of the leading manufacturers of cold-rolled products, we have realized exceptional photographs. Quite far from mere reflection of the reality on the ground, this was the brief. Large Prints up to 30m² of this work are presented in a newly designed office building and the production facilities of the BILSTEIN company.



New pictures I 2015-01
For over 70 years, the FREYLER group has developed individual building solutions for industry . Over more than two months we‘ve shot the company‘s locations and the board of managers all over Germany and Switzerland. And we placed special emphasis on a light and airy look in accordance with the company‘s mantra: Buildings for individuals. The results are visible at the FREYLER Website, around 60 architecture and more than 50 portrait photographs.



New pictures I 2014-03
LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH – Video production about the new ‚L³ LIMO Line Laser technology‘. This key technology is predestined for new applications in electronics, energy storage, photovoltaic and so much more. With the ability to scale up to industrial large format and the prevention of damage the substrate material, this newly developed Line Laser is extremely energy-, cost- and time-efficient.



New pictures I 2014-02
ThyssenKrupp Steel Europa AG, Dortmund – Documenting research and development of completely new concepts for surface coating and finishing of hightech steels in Germany‘s biggest steel- and technology enterprise.



New pictures I 2014-01
Shooting Vossloh AG, Valencia – the ‚TRAMLINK‘. Photographs taken for advertising purposes and series of images during assembly and usage of the tram in line operation.